Jasper Electronics

AC/DC & DC/DC Power Supplies
Jasper Electronics is a dynamic organization that helped lead the formation of the commercial switcher industry, and remains a leader in the category due to the depth of experience of its management team.

Since the beginning, all Jasper Electronics products have been designed in the USA, then manufactured overseas. This provides the best possible combination of leading edge technology and quality engineering, with the economies of off-shore production. The quality and value of this approach has led to a decade of continuous growth, with Jasper Electronics among the fastest growing companies in the industry. Exceptional engineering of standard, modified standard and custom products and systems ranging from 10W - 10,000W are all backed with a policy of 100% customer satisfaction. Currently, aggressive efforts to enter newer markets in solar power, Micro TCA and Medical fields are being developed.

Today, Jasper Electronics and their subsidiary Lien Engineering operate from facilities in the USA, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Each facility is RoHS compliant, and operates under disciplined design and manufacturing processes which are ISO9001-2000 certified. In recognition of the increased focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, Jasper is extremely proud to have been recognized by the larger Japanese companies and USA contract manufacturers that meets the standards of the Green Partner Program. They are continuing to maintain and enhance the standards expected of their customers.

ATX Power Supplies

  • ATX 300 - 1000 Watts
  • Flex 1U 125 - 300 Watts
  • 1U rackmount 150- 400 Watts

cPCI Power Suuplies

  • AC & DC inputs
  • 3U x 4HP & 8HP wide
  • 6U 8HP wide
  • 175 - 500 Watt output

External Power Supplies

  • Wall mount & desktop
  • 10 - 150 Watt output
  • Multiple voltage outputs

Front End Power Supplies

  • Single & multiple outputs
  • 200 - 1500 Watt outputs

Medical Power Supplies

  • Open frame 20 - 300 Watt outputs
  • Adapters 10 -250 Watt outputs

Redundant Power Supplies

  • 200 - 1500 Watt outputs
  • Single & multiple outputs
  • 12 - 54 volt outputs

Traffic Control Power Supplies

  • 70 - 120 Watt output
  • Multiple voltage outputs

Power Inverters

  • Solar inverters
  • Gridsmart microinverter

LED Drivers

  • 3 - 300 Watt output
  • Multiple inputs
  • Multiple outputs