Power Distribution Units – ePDU

Eaton is a large multi segmented power management company serving various industries worldwide.  EPS specializes in Eaton Power Distribution Units – Or commonly referred to ePDU’s.  ePDU’s are used everywhere including large platform data centers to small server cabinets.  They can be used with varying degrees of features from the basic power splitting and conditioning, managed units giving the user monitoring and switching capabilities on individual outlets, as well as advanced features such as having the ability to monitor humidity and temperature inside a cabinet.    

Basic ePDUs

Basic ePDUs offer reliable and cost effective power distribution.  The come in horizontal 19" form factor or vertical models.  Any receptacle choices are available to meet your needs.  Power levels ranging from 1.4 kW up to 17 kW.  

Metered Input ePDUs

New ePDU G3 Metered Input models feature best-in-class technologies, including ±1% billing grade accuracy, an advanced LCD pixel display, a hot-swap meter and the ability to daisy chain four ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address.

Managed ePDUs

New ePDU G3 Managed models offer advanced power management and precision control including ability to measure power consumption at the outlet level, turn off unused outlets, remotely manage equipment and obtain level 3 PUE (power usage effectiveness).