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IEEE1101.10/11 Injector/Ejector Handles

IEEE1101.10/11 Injector/Ejector Handles

Verotec has revamped its range of IEEE1101.10/11 compliant subrack front panels with an improved design of injector/ejector latching handle that generates greater insertion and extraction force, a superior stainless steel EMC fingered gasket that improves contact with the adjacent panel and a ROSH-compliant iridite finish that gives enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance. The KM6-RF extruded U section panels are available in heights of 3U and 6U and widths of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12HP, and the handles include as standard a pre-location pin and an ESD protection pin; a live extraction micro switch and additional screw fixings are optional extras. Each handle has three coding positions, giving a possible 4096 combinations to prevent incorrect board insertion if both upper and lower tiebars are coded. The panels are suitable for use in systems such as cPCI and VME64x that require conformity to the IEEE1101.10 specification and the handle operating mechanism is fully compatible with the long first-make/last-break pins specified for cPCI systems. An additional benefit of the design is that standard 1.6mm KM6 guides are positively retained by the casting on the front tiebar, giving extra security for use in environments subject to shock or vibration. A two stage operating mechanism, which latches the panels into the engaged position, ensures full engagement of the PCB into the backplane connector.

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