Special Purpose Fuses

Part NumberVendorDescription
2CL10BBMersenCable Protector 4 AWG Blade to Blade
2CL10BFMersenCable Protector 1/0 Blade to Offset Bus
2CL1BBMersenCable Protector 1 AWG Blade to Blade
2CL1BFMersenCable Protector 1 AWG Blade to Offset Bus
2CL20BBMersenCable Protector 1/0 Blade to Blade
2CL20BFMersenCable Protector 2/0 Blade to Offset Bus
2CL20CFMersenCable Protector 2/0 Cable to Offset Bus
2CL250BBMersenCable Protector 250kcmil Blade to Blade
2CL250BFMersenCable Protector 250kcmil Blade to Offset Bus
2CL250CCMersenCable Protector 250kcmil Cable to Cable
2CL250CFMersenCable Protector 250kcmil Cable to Offset Bus
2CL2BBMersenCable Protector 2 AWG Blade to Blade
2CL2BFMersenCable Protector 2 AWG Blade to Offset Bus
2CL30BBMersenCable Protector 2/0 Blade to Blade
2CL30BFMersenCable Protector 3/0 Blade to Offset Bus
2CL350BBMersenCable Protector 350kcmil Blade to Blade
2CL350BFMersenCable Protector 350kcmil Blade to Offset Bus
2CL350CCMersenCable Protector 350kcmil Cable to Cable
2CL350CFMersenCable Protector 350kcmil Cable to Offset Bus
2CL3BBMersenCable Protector 3 AWG Blade to Blade
2CL3BFMersenCable Protector 3 AWG Blade to Offset Bus
2CL40BBMersenCable Protector 4/0 Blade to Blade
2CL40BFMersenCable Protector 4/0 Blade to Offset Bus
2CL40CCMersenCable Protector 4/0 Cable to Cable
2CL40CFMersenCable Protector 4/0 Cable to Offset Bus
2CL4BBMersenCable Protector 1 AWG Blade to Blade
2CL4BFMersenCable Protector 4 AWG Blade to Offset Bus
2CL500BBMersenCable Protector 500kcmil Blade to Blade
2CL500BFMersenCable Protector 500kcmil Blade to Offset Bus
2CL500CCMersenCable Protector 500kcmil Cable to Cable
2CL500CFMersenCable Protector 500kcmil Cable to Offset Bus
4/0CBRMersenInsulating Sleeve 4/0
4/0CCRMersenInsulating Sleeve 4/0
500CBRMersenInsulating Sleeve 500kcmil
500CCRMersenInsulating Sleeve 500kcmil
A2Y100-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 100A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y100-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 100A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y10-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 10A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y1-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 1A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y110-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 110A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y12-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 12A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y125-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 125A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y125-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 125A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y150-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 150A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y150-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 150A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y15-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 15A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y175-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 175A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y175-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 175A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y200-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 200A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y200-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 200A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y20-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 20A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y2-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 2A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y225-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 225A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y225-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 225A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y250-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 250A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y250-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 250A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y25-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 25A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y300-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 300A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y300-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 300A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y30-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 30A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y3-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 3A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y350-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 350A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y350-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 350A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y35-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 35A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y400-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 400A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y400-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 400A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y40-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 40A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y450-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 450A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y450-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 450A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y45-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 45A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y500-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 500A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y500-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 500A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y50-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 50A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y5-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 5A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y600-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 600A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y600-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 600A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y60-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 60A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y6-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 6A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y70-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 70A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y70-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 70A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y70-5Mersen250VAC/500VDC 70A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y7-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 7A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y80-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 80A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y80-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 80A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y8-1Mersen250VAC/500VDC 8A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y90-3Mersen250VAC/500VDC 90A Form 600 Fuse
A2Y90-4Mersen250VAC/500VDC 90A Form 600 Fuse
A4BX100-150Mersen600V 100A Welder Protector K
A4BX125-150Mersen600V 125A Welder Protector K
A4BX150-150Mersen600V 150A Welder Protector K
A4BX200-150Mersen600V 200A Welder Protector K
A4BX200-150JMersen600V 200A Welder Protector J
A4BX225-150Mersen600V 225A Welder Protector K
A4BX225-150JMersen600V 225A Welder Protector J
A4BX300-150Mersen600V 300A Welder Protector K
A4BX300-150JMersen600V 300A Welder Protector J
A4BX400-150Mersen600V 400A Welder Protector K
A4BX400-150JMersen600V 400A Welder Protector J
A4BX500-150Mersen600V 500A Welder Protector K
A4BX600-150Mersen600V 600A Welder Protector K