Rail Mounted Terminal Block

Part NumberVendorDescription
270-319WagoEnd and intermediate plate
270-320WagoEnd and intermediate plate
270-321WagoEnd and intermediate plate
270-322WagoEnd and intermediate plate
270-560Wago3-conductor sensor terminal block
270-570Wago4-conductor sensor terminal block
270-57081434Wago4 CON SENSOR TB W/ RED LED
270-57081507Wago4 CON SENSOR TB W/ YELLOW LED
270-572Wago3-conductor actuator terminal block
270-57281434Wago3 CON ACTUATOR LED TB
270-574Wago4-conductor sensor supply tb
270-577Wago3-conductor actuator supply tb
270-586Wago3-conductor actuator supply tb
279-104Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-308WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-309WagoSeparator plate
279-316WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-317WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-318WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-325WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-326WagoSeparator plate
279-327WagoSeparator plate
279-328WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-329WagoSeparator plate
279-330WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-331WagoSeparator plate
279-337WagoSeparator plate
279-338WagoSeparator plate
279-339WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-340WagoSeparator plate
279-341WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-342WagoSeparator plate
279-344WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-345WagoSeparator plate
279-346WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-347WagoSeparator plate
279-348WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-349WagoSeparator plate
279-402WagoAdjacent jumper
279-405WagoProtective warning marker
279-409WagoAlternate jumper
279-415WagoProtective warning marker
279-422WagoAdjacent jumper
279-432WagoOperating tool
279-433WagoOperating tool
279-440WagoOperating tool
279-470WagoInsulation stop
279-471WagoInsulation stop
279-482WagoComb-style jumper bar
279-483WagoComb-style jumper bar
279-490WagoComb-style jumper bar
279-492WagoAlternate comb-style jumper bar
279-507WagoDouble-deck terminal block
279-518WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-519WagoEnd and intermediate plate
279-529WagoWSB double-deck marker carrier
279-604Wago4-conductor through terminal block
279-62081408WagoRL MTD TRM BLK 4CON W/DIODES-2
279-621Wago4-conductor through terminal block
279-62381410WagoRL MTD TRM BLK 4CON W/DIODE CI
279-62381411Wago61139D TRM BLK 4CON W/DIODE CIR2
279-62481413WagoRL MTD TRM BLK 2CON LED CIR2
279-62481434WagoRL MTD TRM BLK 2CON LED CIR1
279-626WagoDouble potential terminal block
279-67381410WagoRL MTD BLK W/DIODE CIR1
279-67381411WagoRL MTD BLK 3CON W/DIODE CIR2
279-67481413WagoRL MTD BLK 3CON W/LED CIR2
279-67481434WagoRL MTD BLK 3CON W/LED CIR1
279-901Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-902Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-903Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-904Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-905Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-906Wago2-conductor through terminal block
279-907Wago2-conductor ground terminal block
279-91581410WagoRL MTD BLK 4CON W/DIODE CIR1
279-91581411WagoRL MTD BLK 4CON W/DIODE CIR2
279-989WagoEx e II double potential tb
279-990Wago4-conductor Ex e II through tb
279-992Wago2-conductor Ex e II through tb
279-993Wago3-conductor Ex e II through tb
279-994Wago4-conductor Ex e II through tb
279-995WagoEx e II double potential tb
280-101Wago2-conductor through terminal block
280-104Wago2-conductor through terminal block
280-107Wago2-conductor ground terminal block
280-301WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-302WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-303WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-304WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-305WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-306WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-308WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-309WagoEnd and intermediate plate
280-310WagoSeparator plate