Han Accessory - Adapter

Part NumberVendorDescription
0900-000-5050Harting Increaser PG 11-13.5
0900-000-5051HartingAcces. Increaser PG 13.5-16
0900-000-5052HartingAcces. Increaser PG 16-21
0900-000-5053HartingAcces. Increaser PG 21-29
0900-000-5054HartingACCES. INCREASER PG 29-36
0900-000-5055HartingAcces. Increaser PG 36-42
0900-000-5056HartingAcces. Increaser PG 42-48
0900-000-5060HartingAcces. Reducer PG 11-7 with o-ring
0900-000-5061HartingAcces. Reducer PG 11-9 with o-ring
0900-000-5062HartingAcces. Reducer PG 13.5-9 with o-ring
0900-000-5063HartingAcces. Reducer PG 13.5-11 with o-ring
0900-000-5064HartingAcces. Reducer PG 16-13.5 with o-ring
0900-000-5065HartingAcces. Reducer PG 21-13.5 with o-ring
0900-000-5066HartingAcces. Reducer PG 21-16 with o-ring
0900-000-5067HartingACCES. REDUCER PG 29-16
0900-000-5068HartingAcces. Reducer PG 29-21 with o-ring
0900-000-5070HartingAcces. Blanking Piece PG 11 with o-ring
0900-000-5071HartingAcces. Blanking Piece PG 13.5 with o-rin
0900-000-5072HartingAcces. Blanking Piece PG 16 with o-ring
0900-000-5073HartingAcces. Blanking Piece PG 21 with o-ring
0900-000-5074HartingAcces. Blanking Piece PG 29 with o-ring
0900-000-5075HartingAcces. Blanking Piece PG 36 with o-ring
0936-000-5131HartingHan U Hex Adaptor PG 11
0936-000-5132HartingHan U Hex Adaptor PG 13.5
0936-000-5133HartingHan U Hex Adaptor PG 16
0936-000-5134HartingHan U Hex Adaptor PG 21
0936-000-5135HartingHan U Hex Adaptor PG 29
1900-000-5067HartingReducer M32/M20
1900-000-5068HartingReducer M32/M25
1900-000-5070HartingAcces. Blanking Piece M20x1.5
1900-000-5071HartingAcces. Blanking Piece M25x1.5
1900-000-5072HartingAcces. Blanking Piece M32x1.5
1900-000-5073HartingAcces. Blanking Pieces M40x1.5
1900-000-5172HartingAcces. Blanking Piece M32 x 1,5
7300-000-5308HartingHan Acc. PG11 - 3/8" NPT Adapter
7300-000-5310HartingHan Acc. PG11 - 1/2" NPT Adapter
7300-000-5311HartingHan Access PG 13.5 - 1/2" Adapter
7300-000-5312HartingHan Access. PG 16-1/2" Adapter
7300-000-5313HartingHan Access. PG 21-1/2" Adapter
7300-000-5314HartingHan Access. PG 21 -3/4" Adapter
7300-000-5315HartingHan Access. PG 29 -1" Adapter
7300-000-5316HartingHan Acc. PG29 - 1 1/4" NPT Adapter
7300-000-5317HartingHan Acc. PG36 - 1 1/4" NPT Adapter
7300-000-5318HartingHan Accs. PG36 - 1 1/2" NPT Adapter
7300-000-5319HartingM25 to 3/4" NPT Adapter
7300-000-5320HartingM32 to 1" NPT adapter
7300-000-5321HartingM32 to 1 1/4" NPT adapter
7300-000-5322HartingM20 to 1/2" NPT adapter
7300-000-5323HartingM25 to 1/2" NPT adapter
7300-000-5324HartingAdapter - M32 to 3/4"NPT
7300-000-5325HartingAdapter - M40 to 1 1/4"NPT
7300-000-5326HartingAdapter - M20 to PG11
7300-000-5327HartingAdapter - M25 to PG16
7300-000-5328HartingAdapter - M25 to PG21
7300-000-5329HartingAdapter - M32 to PG29
7300-000-5330HartingAdapter - M40 to PG29
7300-000-5331HartingAdapter - M50 to PG36
7300-000-5332HartingAdapter - M50 to PG42
7300-000-5333HartingAdapter - PG13.5 to M20
7300-000-5334HartingAdapter - PG16 to M20
7300-000-5335HartingAdapter - PG16 to M25
7300-000-5336HartingAdapter - PG21 to M25
7300-000-5337HartingAdapter - PG21 to M32
7300-000-5338HartingAdapter - PG29 to M40
7300-000-5339HartingAdapter - PG36 to M50
7300-000-5340HartingIncreaser - M20 to M25
7300-000-5341HartingIncreaser - M25 to M32
7300-000-5342HartingIncreaser - M32 to M40
7300-000-5344HartingIncreaser - M40 to M50
7300-000-5345HartingIncreaser - M50 to M63
7300-000-5346HartingReducer - M25 to M20
7300-000-5347HartingReducer - M32 to M25
7300-000-5348HartingReducer - M40 to M32
7300-000-5349HartingReducer - M50 to M40
7300-000-5350HartingBlanking Plug - M20
7300-000-5351HartingBlanking Plug - M25 NPB
7300-000-5352HartingBlanking Plug - M32 npb
7300-000-5353HartingBlanking Plug - M40
7300-000-5354HartingBlanking Plug - M50
7300-000-5355HartingBlanking Plug - M63
7300-000-5356HartingLock nut, M40
7300-000-5357HartingLock nut, M50
7300-000-5360HartingM16 to 1/2" NPT adapter
7300-000-5642HartingAdapter, M50 to 1-1/2" NPT, NPA
7308-022-8679HartingIncreaser, Pg9 to Pg11
7308-025-5009HartingLock nut, M12 x 1.5 NPB
7308-025-5019HartingLock nut, M16 x 1.5 NPB
7308-025-5029HartingLock nut, M20 x 1.5 NPB
7308-025-5039HartingLock nut, M25 x 1.5 NPB
7308-025-5049HartingLock nut, M32 x 1.5 NPB
7308-025-5059HartingLock nut, M40 x 1.5 NPB
7308-025-5069HartingLock nut, M50 x 1.5 NPB
7308-094-0319HartingM40x1.5 to NPT1½” NPB Adapter
7309-000-005046HartingAcces. PG 42 to 1 1/2 inch NPT